Every year around 21st of December and 20th of June hundreds of people gather to Stonehenge to spot the fabulous attraction happening only twice a year - you can see how the central Altar stone aligns with the Slaughter stone, Heel stone and the rising sun to the northeast.

Similar alignments can be found at Newgrange, Ireland, Maeshowe, Scotland and other prehistoric monuments. Winter solstice was very important in the life of ancient communities since it was seen as the beginning of the deep winter, and in the same time the reversal of the days shrinking was giving some hope for people. Same is true for the Summer solstice

There are many streets in the cities which are aligned along the direction of rising sun of the solstice. I have found all of them. Unfortunately I don't know whether these alignments are intentional or just happen to be such on statistical basis. If you know the story of a such street, please send me a quick email and I will add this information.

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Thank you,

  • OpenStreetMap contributors for being so awesome
  • Brandon Craig Rhodes for writing ephem a python library which I used to calculate the sun directions
  • Mapbox and Vladimir Agafonkin for everything else map related
  • Sabine Leitner for general inspiration