Crosslet is a free small (22k without dependencies) JavaScript widget for interactive visualisation and analysis of geostatistical datasets. You can also use it for visualizing and comparing multivariate datasets.

It is a combination of three very powerful JavaScript libraries:

  • Leaflet, an elegant and beautiful mapping solution, and
  • Crossfilter, a library for exploring large multivariate datasets in the browser.
  • D3, a data driven way of manipulating objects.

Crosslet also supports TopoJSON, a GeoJSON extension that allows to present geometry in a highly compact way.

Crosslet is written in CoffeeScript and uses less for styling.

Download (44k js and css)

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Crosslet uses some latest web technologies including SVG, therefore it is not compatible with older browsers and browser which do not support SVG. Complex maps with more then a thousand items might cause Crosslet perform slower on non webkit based maps.